Last update | January 15, 2023
2019—March > October
Beetle in a box, also known as the private language argument, was coined by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein to explain the difficulty that human beings have to understand what goes through the minds of others. This, because when we express ourselves in public, thoughts are inevitably mediated by language or other forms of communication. So this work, composed of 10 paintings that together and stacked fit in a yellow cubic box, tries precisely to reflect on this paradox. That is why once out of the box, they do not have a single way to be installed, but, on the contrary, they respond to a puzzle game in which the wall and an imaginary grid of 4 rows and 6 columns, serve as support. The 10 paintings were done with all the remainings acrylics that I used during a 2 years MFA program at the Painting and Drawing department of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Symbolically this condenses all that academic experience into layers and layers of paint that I could travel with.

Artbo (Bogotá art fair)

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