Last update | January 15, 2023
Mesh was the name that Tim Berners Lee gave, in 1989, to what we know today as the World Wide Web or World Computer Network. In the original document, titled Information Management: A Proposal, he explained that it was important to use a hyperlink system similar to mind maps, with circles (nodes) and arrows (links), instead of tables or hierarchical systems. So first, I used this prefix, exactly as we see it in browsers, to point out my interest in cognitive processes such as enumeration, comparison, and association of information, which is the origin of thought of this computer system. Secondly, because it contradicts the notion of a flag in the sense that they demarcate territories, while the very essence of www is the free and infinite possibilities of navigation. Finally, there is an intention to point out the dystopian reality due to the pandemic, in which most of our social interactions happen precisely through "the web".

Foro Space, Four Flags Project

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