Last update | January 15, 2023
Carbon Copy Collective

For the second iteration of Carbon Copy, we decided to do a one-day show at a private alley (in Pilsen, a Mexican-Latino neighborhood in Chicago) where about ten apartments intersect. The shape of this place was the one of a p, or a b, or a d, or a q, depending on the rotation of each letter. My contribution to the exhibition was 4 printed images depicting 4 French words: detour –a deviation from the original course–; parcours –a route or direction without obstructions–; boucle –a loop (which is also the name given to Chicago’s Downtown)–; and quiproquo -word game, funny misunderstanding or replacement of one subject for another (mainly in the theater)–. The intention was to reinforce the strange structure of the architectural space and, at the same time, enlist 4 possible ways of thinking. In that same spirit, the fluorescent green extension cable that serves to power on the lightbox where the prints are hanging also follows an absurd parcours, boucle, and detour from the interior of the basement to the exterior, emphasizing the proposed word game but maintaining its main function –conduct electricity–.

þ, Carbon Copy 2 

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