Last update, march 16, 2023
La forma correcta de despedirse
Mixed media

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Group show at Más Allá, Bogotá. Interpretation of instructions by Maite Ibarreche. 

Sugerencias transparentes

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Group show at Casatrece, Tenjo. 

Dibujar un poema en 8 partes
Drawing and writing performance

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Collaboration with Moisés Londoño and Tania Hernández for their work Proximidad. Sala de exposiciones de la facultad de Artes Visuales de la Universidad Javeriana. 

Project (Exhibition and public actions)

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> Texto por Erika Sosa

Solo exhibition at Lokkus, Medellín 

This is an installation that situates the spectator in between a high tide and a low tide, as well as between a sunrise and a sunset, by using a moveable wall that reinforces the idea of landscape and 4 paintings situated in the cardinal points of it. Two of them are almost invisible lines on a cleaning tissue and the other two are images painted in obsolete photographic marquees (a slide and an instant photography).

Group show / Best practices at Edgewood College gallery, curated by Evan Gruzis 

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