Last update, October 12, 2021
Unperfect Lovers
Project (in progress)
2021—January > Present

This series of couple-paintings alludes to affective relationships and their possible synchronicities or disagreements. Their format and the process itself, which is an expressive drift without a preconceived image that then, little by little, transform into a quiet image, acts as a mirror or a metaphor for these human bonds. The complete project will include between 12 and 15 diptychs along with a book containing poems by Colombian writers inspired by the paintings, as well as a fictional text made out of love letters and other written material. The title refers to the work of Felix González-Torres Perfect Lovers consisting in two clocks that mark the same time. In this case, the works question that idealistic idea of love and aim to think of connections that, on the contrary, are based on differences.

Artbo 2021 / Upcoming exhibition soon 

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