Last update | January 15, 2023
This exhibition responds to the experiment of stopping for an entire day, 24 hours, to contemplate, from a 4th floor apartment, the passage of time. The result is a series of ideas or visual metaphors, materialized in drawings, paintings, photographs, some pieces of wood, everyday objects and a video, which help to reconstruct part of that experience, lived on June 17th, 2013. Among these ideas are, for example, three national newspapers intervened: El Espectador, El Tiempo and El Espacio, which frame, by their titles, 3 essential elements of the action. There were also 3 glasses with ice that never melts, almost as if suspended in time, a tea bag with 364 characters and an anonymous letter to be read in the future, among many other things.

Solo exhibition at 12:00 gallery 
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