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BOGOTÁ, 1983

I am a Multidisciplinary artist from Bogotá, Colombia, where I received a BFA back in 2006, at the Javeriana University. Since then I have been constantly producing work and exhibiting in multiple venues in Colombia, Latin America (Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina), Spain, Italy, and recently the United States. In May 2019, I finished an MFA (Painting and Drawing department) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I was awarded the New Artist Society Scholarship. I also won, in 2015, a grant for emerging artists given by the Cultural Ministry of Colombia, a year in which I was in the final selection for the Sara Modiano Prize. A year before, I was nominated for the CIFO grants for emerging artists. Parallel to my artistic career, I write for different cultural publications and I have been a professor at the Javeriana University since 2008. Back then I co-founded a graphic design studio, Latitud, where I still collaborate as an artistic director for art-related projects.

I was raised in a middle-class family, in a liberal, austere environment, in a 4th-floor apartment. I attended a French elementary and high school. I have a black and grey mongrel dog named Doc, which is the short version of Doctor. He is a great listener and therefore the best psychiatrist.

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I’m captivated with the beauty, as well as the tragic forces, hidden behind things that might be considered irrelevant or mundane. How ordinary things can reveal larger scale problems and trascendental issues. I address that mirroring tension through the gaze of poetry, irony, fiction, philosophical paradigms, and a continuous interest in learning and playing.

While the materialization depends on the nature and aim of each project, I usually produce installations and exhibitions combining minimalist paintings along with either experimental videos, drawings, photographs, collages, sounds, books, found objects, prints, or creative texts. The materials tend to be very common, such as pre-stretched canvases, acrylic and house paint, xerox paper, cardboard boxes, found or collected objects, residues, mass-produced utensils, light stands, tripods, and supports.

My work doesn’t unfold in chronological order, nor in a progressive, linear way. On the contrary, it results from a continous drift and a rhizome of thoughts evolving and connecting at different rhythms through time. That invisible structure is the underlayer and road map of my whole practice and varied projects.

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