Last update | January 15, 2023
For the MFA show at SAIC (2019), we decided with 6 other students* (under the name of Carbon Copy, an ongoing collective) to break with the individualism of this kind of exhibition and propose a collective approach to it. We did collaborations, documented the process, had continuous meetings and constantly nurtured the conversation beyond the institutional request. As a result, we did a hybrid installation where the authorship became diffuse and unclear. As to myself, I decided to show just two works that were almost invisible and faded in the middle of this room, as well as the whole space.

First, in one of the arcs of the provisional walls of Sullivan Galleries, I hanged a painted sign that instead of saying Stairs says Stars and that was connected to the second work, which is a video projection showing a sunrise that slowly disappeared into a pink and white rectangle subtly painted in one of the columns in between two windows. The Stars named in the sign where, somehow, like the other works, orbiting around the big red dot that structure our solar system in the universe: the sun. Each one of these videos frame was showing a different landscape painting. So, I showed 1 and 21.600 paintings.

* Brigette Borders, Danny Bredar, Nathan Everett Engel, Ed Oh, WooJin Shin, Leah Zheng

MFA Show (SAIC), Carbon Copy 1

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