Last update | January 15, 2023
Airports are a good example of the concept of place and non-place, of being and not being at the same time. It is there, in those crowded corridors where millions of anecdotes, thousands of ideas, and hundreds of languages, cultures, and religions converge. It is there, between X-rays and metal doors, where Duncan J. Watts' theory of "six degrees" and the age of connection is corroborated and confirmed. It is there, in those tin bird hangars, that a vision of our world is built. The exhibition was talking about the complexity behind airports but also worked as a checkpoint in my young adult life since I had just turned 25 years old and I was projecting my future as a person and as an artist.

Solo exhibition at Red de exposiciones Artecámara + La Oreja Roja, Salón regional de artistas, curated  by Mariángela Méndez / Transfronteiras Contemporaneas, Galería Marta Traba (Sao Paulo) / Grande Superficie, curated by Paola Peña / Casa de citas, Museo de Antioquia, curated by Jaime Cerón / Quiero estar contigo, I wanna be with you, Mambo (Bogotá)  
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