Last update | January 15, 2023
Collaboration project
The main purpose of this project is to investigate and think about those elements, sometimes silent, but very valuable, that surround any artistic production. In this sense, we are interested in understanding what are all the ramifications, exercises, which are derived, or better, from which, works of art or artistic projects are born. For example, texts that influence or nurture an author, mechanisms for exercising the mind, routines to strengthen reflection, research methodologies, anecdotes as a trigger for an idea, the discovery of objects as the engine of a new project, etc. The idea is to have access to these devices -or mechanisms -which are part of every creative process and to be able to give them an external, and "demystifying" look. This is a taxonomic work that consists of three stages. First a recollection (photocopies, objects, a sentence, a link - movies, logs, travel diaries, notes, images ...), second a classification, cataloging, organization and mapping, and finally a display of that information.

Project for La Cooperativa, Salón regional de artistas Zona Centro, along with Camila Echeverría
+ Piedra Líquida, collaboration with Felipe Arturo, Centro Cultural Gabrial García Márquez
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