Last update | January 15, 2023
Installation and book
This work consists of a human-scale installation that recreates an apartment in which furniture and principal objects are made from white paintings (with special measures). The setting is completed by six maps as well as a literary book and an audio piece that explores the symptoms and thoughts of a fictional character (an architect). The project intends to immerse the visitor in a place that is at the same time the mind of this fictional character but also a painting exhibition where each frame is subtly treated with a different chromatic or textural effect. While the work might be seen as an homage to minimalist or abstract painting it is also an experiment in interpreting psychological or mental illness in parallel with creative processes. One important reference was the British neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks who aims to explore human thinking by narrating his experience with patients.

Solo exhibition at Nueveochenta (projects room) 
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