Last update | January 15, 2023
Travelling project 
La Panamericana is an art project that originates in Bogotá-Colombia and that seeks, always in different ways, to travel and be exhibited in other places and contexts of the American continent. The premise: only use materials and supports from a popular stationery store in Bogotá, precisely called Panamericana. Several ideas that interest me come together in this long-run project. On the one hand, the possibility of making works of art from inexpensive, non-noble elements that are easy to transport and deploy. On the other, understand the idea of entrepreneurship, which in the art world has been called emergency, from the verb emerge. This term, of recurrent use in contemporary art, refers to the possibility of making local processes visible in the international context, as well as integrating young and peripheral artistic production in global circuits. In this sense, the story of the owner of this department's store, which is also a printing press and a bookstore, becomes a metaphor for this phenomenon. This is because the businessman in question started with a traveling sale of second-rate books in the center of Bogotá and today he has more than 19 branches throughout Colombia. The advertising slogan is "Vaya a la fija a la Panamerica" which means "you can find anything at the Panamericana". Finally, the project continues with another recurring interest in my work: the construction of invisible paths and connections between places, people and ideas. In this case, this conceptual map, which takes the form of samples in specific places (the first one being Guayaquil and NoMínimo Gallery), intends to re-trace, not in the literal, physical or geographical sense, but on the contrary, mentally and intuitively, what has been called the Pan-American highway, which is a segmented highway that crosses the entire continent from Alaska to southern Chile. The result depends on the crossing and exchange of information that takes place between the place of origin and the host city or space.

Solo exhibition at NoMíNIMO 
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