Last update | January 15, 2023
Research and photographs
In Bogotá, at the intersection of 57A and 40C streets, there is a footwear repair store founded in 1960: Manzi. Their brand looks similar to the one of an Italian pizzeria. In front of it, there is a square with a fountain that no longer works and, next to it, there are four benches facing each other. In one of them sits an old man biting a sweet bread. Around there are walking some couples, women in tailor suits and men with rigid pants. A young man in shorts is walking his dog. An older woman walks so slowly that she seems almost stopped. She is held by a cane. Many cars park next to the sidewalk, from 59th street to 53rd street and to the 39th street, that is, in the arterial roads of an urbanization of multifamily apartments divided into four blocks. Block A that is blue. Block B that is red. Block C that is green and block D that is yellow. Inaugurated in 1966, this housing estate was built to receive pilgrims who would attend a Eucharistic Congress and then baptized with the name of the pope that came to visit: Paul the sixth. We can also see, in that place taken from another time, the Romannoti pastry shop, the D'Castell beauty centre, the Tres Esquinas cigar shop, the La Estancia restaurant, the Capry wash, the Dandini sauce shop and the 86 World store.

Artlicks magazine, 21st edition

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