Last update | January 15, 2023
*Serendipity: the possibility that something extraordinary might occur.

For over two years, SI decided to put an ink stamp on every bill (bank note) that passed through my hands. I would then photocopy them and make a note of the date, place and the transaction they were used for. This was done in the hope of finding out whether any of the bills would ever come back to me. However, whether this happened or not, the basic premise of the exercise was to imagine the possible courses, stories and paths that a bill can take on its journey through the world. The end result is a small entry book containing 65 copies of the bills, a series of portraits of the people who received them and several drawings and maps which complement this exercise in mathematical probability. I plan to produce a new exhibition if one day one of the stamped bills happens to return to him.

Solo exhibition at El Garaje gallery
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