Last update | January 15, 2023
The title of this project refers to the Greek origin of the word horoscope, which is the person who contemplates time. The horoscope interests me not only because it is a manifestation of various themes that have been present throughout my work, such as destiny and time, but also because of its direct relationship with literature and the formulas of writing. It is also a traditional graphic piece that has appeared in the press since the beginning of modernity and a reflection on how we, as human beings, construct our thinking. On the one hand, based on beliefs and ideologies, which is the result of a passionate and emotional living, and on the other, thanks to an analytical and rational capacity. From these thoughts and ideas, as well as a collection of all the horoscopes of the Taurus sign (2009), I did three works: 365 days (a painting), 12 months (a series of photographs of writers accompanied by manuscripts drawn in pencil) and 52 weeks (a video with subtitles made out of the horoscope). Each one of these works corresponds to a different analysis of writing and its mental process. The backdrop, or what I like to imagine, is that behind all of this is the monotonous and melancholic life of a "ghostwriter".

“Articulé, no sin un temblor” / Duo show with Daniela Serna, Lokkus Gallery / Curator: Erika Martínez Cuervo 
+ Call 20 / Luis Adelantado Gallery
+ Grey Cube Projects

This project takes a close look at the imperfections and minuscule grain texture spots found on 90g sheets of recycled paper. Then I imagine that those little dots came from previously discarded print material such as a ticket, a medicine box, a magazine, a letter, a paper package, a postcard, etc. And then, that those elements were part of the life of different characters, creating a narrative circle connected through paper. The 3 floors exhibition comments on artisanal methods of paper production, standardized sizing processes, cyclical and repetitive narratives, and the continuous transformation of matter.

Solo exhibition at Sketch gallery 

This exhibition responds to the experiment of stopping for an entire day, 24 hours, to contemplate, from a 4th floor apartment, the passage of time. The result is a series of ideas or visual metaphors, materialized in drawings, paintings, photographs, some pieces of wood, everyday objects and a video, which help to reconstruct part of that experience, lived on June 17th, 2013. Among these ideas are, for example, three national newspapers intervened: El Espectador, El Tiempo and El Espacio, which frame, by their titles, 3 essential elements of the action. There were also 3 glasses with ice that never melts, almost as if suspended in time, a tea bag with 364 characters and an anonymous letter to be read in the future, among many other things.

Solo exhibition at 12:00 gallery 
In May 2011, I traveled to the Mantiqueira mountains in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais to take part in an artist’s residency. In this completely rural location far away from any major towns, the community follows the model of an ‘eco-village’. In other words, no alcohol, no meat, no Internet and lots of very strict rules. There I carried out a project which aimed to translate and transport every aspect of this intense experience in just one small suitcase. The suitcase was properly equipped to store and carry drawings, notebooks, photos, texts, sounds, videos and several other objects, which could then be displayed in an exhibition. To carry out this project, it was important to understand the idea of the artist’s mobility, as well as using several design mechanisms to make the content of the suitcase more manoeuvrable. Furthermore, Enrique Vila-Matas’ A Brief History of Portable Literature was a fundamental reference for this work.

Residency at Terra Una, Minas gerais (Brasil)
Solo show Laagencia + Arteba 2013
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