Last update | January 15, 2023
This project takes a close look at the imperfections and minuscule grain texture spots found on 90g sheets of recycled paper. Then I imagine that those little dots came from previously discarded print material such as a ticket, a medicine box, a magazine, a letter, a paper package, a postcard, etc. And then, that those elements were part of the life of different characters, creating a narrative circle connected through paper. The 3 floors exhibition comments on artisanal methods of paper production, standardized sizing processes, cyclical and repetitive narratives, and the continuous transformation of matter.

Solo exhibition at Sketch gallery 

Project and short novel
This project is a short novel and an exhibition. The writing is a narration, from the point of view of a retired, widowed woman of 65 years that decides to dedicate most of her time to learn how to swim. This argument is the central point of the entire work that, little by little, begins to touch on topics such as faith, the decline of life, memory, and the architectural deterioration of a place. While writing, in a coming and going of creative processes, I was imagining the possibilities that this story had within the language of the Visual Arts. The result is an exhibition that encompassed all the rooms and spaces on the ground floor of the 12:00 Gallery located in the San Felipe neighborhood of Bogotá. A journey, by moments or chapters, in which the viewer could find works in various media and formats, such as drawing, painting, graphic series, and videos that take up, symbolically and metaphorically, parts of the literary text.

Solo exhibition at 12:00 gallery and Museo de arte de Pereira
Installation and book
This work consists of a human-scale installation that recreates an apartment in which furniture and principal objects are made from white paintings (with special measures). The setting is completed by six maps as well as a literary book and an audio piece that explores the symptoms and thoughts of a fictional character (an architect). The project intends to immerse the visitor in a place that is at the same time the mind of this fictional character but also a painting exhibition where each frame is subtly treated with a different chromatic or textural effect. While the work might be seen as an homage to minimalist or abstract painting it is also an experiment in interpreting psychological or mental illness in parallel with creative processes. One important reference was the British neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks who aims to explore human thinking by narrating his experience with patients.

Solo exhibition at Nueveochenta (projects room) 
Imagine you are in an unknown place and a long ago era. You do not know if it is the future or the past, but it surely is your present. You continue being a human being and you continue belonging to a world which in turn is part of a vast universe. Although it seems quite different, in fact it has all remained the same. The error: the claim to be able to establish boundaries between people, entrust the controls of the game to a single person and imagine that things can change.

This picture has precisely to do with the construction of a fictional character, a multidisciplinary artist (not to mention the ability to juggle more than ten professions), who was given the monumental task of redesigning the world, with existing land borders: an impossible task which, in my view, calls into question the excessive human ambition to transcend, to find an absolute truth and to blame others for their own inability to do things well. Again, here is the error being debated in this outline, this inventory of lines and this absurd tale. It’s about how fiction is not very far from our reality.

Tales-on ERROR, a project by Marco Milán / Casa de América (Madrid) y Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango (Bogotá) / editorial La Fábrica.
This newspaper was made thanks to the invitation of the curator Ximena Gama and Espacio Odeón, as a complement to their contemporary art fair held in Bogotá, every October. As a result I gathered a series of reflections present in previous projects and use them as the input for this publication. The editorial line had to do with the role played by a ‘spectator’ (which is also the name of one of the main liberal newspapers in Colombia) as a fundamental character in the entire artistic circuit of a city. It was a call to every citizen to play an active role in the art world.

A project for Espacio Odeón, in collaboration with Ximena Gama, Gloria Susana Esquivel, Alejandro Gómez Dugand and Julia Roldán 
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