Last update | January 15, 2023
Mesh was the name that Tim Berners Lee gave, in 1989, to what we know today as the World Wide Web or World Computer Network. In the original document, titled Information Management: A Proposal, he explained that it was important to use a hyperlink system similar to mind maps, with circles (nodes) and arrows (links), instead of tables or hierarchical systems. So first, I used this prefix, exactly as we see it in browsers, to point out my interest in cognitive processes such as enumeration, comparison, and association of information, which is the origin of thought of this computer system. Secondly, because it contradicts the notion of a flag in the sense that they demarcate territories, while the very essence of www is the free and infinite possibilities of navigation. Finally, there is an intention to point out the dystopian reality due to the pandemic, in which most of our social interactions happen precisely through "the web".

Foro Space, Four Flags Project

This video object installation made with a light stand and tablets, reminding a direction pole, is a compilation of 6 videos previously done as part of other projects. The idea was to show how my artistic process is not linear but more like a rhizomatic network that connects ideas through time. It includes the following works: 1. Sand Clock (hourglass); 10:29 mins; 2018; Animated still image; From the project: Uyuni’s Dilemma / 2. Jamais Vu; 4:58 mins; 2018; HD | Travel Personal footage; From the project: Uyuni’s Dilemma / 3. 52 Week24:00 mins; 2017; HD | Domestic footage and subtitles; From the project: Aquel que observa la hora; 4. Al otro lado de la ventana. Al otro lado de la línea; Duration: 12:42; 2013; HD | Exterior shots; From the project: Ver un día pasar / 5. Savoir faire; 8:29 mins; 2013; 720p | Youtube footage; From the project: “To light, and/ then return —” / 6. Temor a flotar; 8:29 min; 2013; HD | Personal footage; From the project: La piscina vacía. The number 6 has to do with the six degrees of separation.

Fractured Topographies, Lithium Gallery

This is a work of two parts. The first is an artist’s book which at first glance seems to be an everyday notebook and consists of a series of graphic images which came spontaneously to my mind. However, I soon realized that my mind is not as free as I originally thought and that it follows certain patterns of thinking and different forms of association. Consequently, the second part of the project became a mind map exploring concepts, ideas and topics, all of them fueled by a creative impulse. The main inspirations behind this project are word games such as Scrabble or crossword puzzles, as well as the mind map theories developed by Novak, Tolman and Tony Buzan.

Shown at 17º Festival Video Brasil in Sao Paulo; Entre mundos - Artecámara (ARTBO), curated by María Iovino; Resistencia en papel at L.A. gallery, curated by Ximena Gama; 
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